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Why I Guarantee My Work!
And Why They Don't!

Recently Home Inspectors have come under great scrutiny with their relationship with Real Estate Agents.  We have been accused of sugar coating the inspection to obtain future referals from the agents.  I have to say it is true.  I certainly don't codone this type of behavior, but the real question is why should you believe me that I'm different.  The only way that I can prove that I will work for you and not the Real Estate Agent is to put my money where my mouth is.  This is why I will guarantee my work for up to $5,000.00.  All other inspectors will only guarantee their work up to the fee you paid them.  They miss a furnace, you get your money back for the inspection.  You still need to pay for a new furnace.  If I miss your furnace, I will replace it for you.

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