Chicago Home Inspector

Home Safety Checkup

Raising the safety standards of your home.

We take approximately 1 hour to perform a Safety Checkup of your home.  Additional time may be required if you would like us to make repairs, or upgrades.  Here is a list of what we do.

  1. We will open your electric panel  and inspect it for proper wiring.
  2. The furnace and water heater will be checked to see if Carbon Monoxide is entering the building.
  3. If needed, and present, we will change the filter for the furnace.
  4. We document the model numbers and the serial numbers of your major appliances and upload them to our RecallChek service.
  5. RecallChek will scan the numbers monthly and you will receive an email informing you of any new recalls on your appliances along with information on how to get them repaired for free.
  6. The interior of the home will be checked to see if any active water leakage is entering the building.
  7. The fireplace will be checked to see if any cracks are present in the firebox.
  8. The attic will be viewed from the hatch for roof leaks and anything out of the norm.
  9. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide batteries will be changed and the units tested.
    1. I will also check the expiration date of the detectors so you will know when they need to be replaced.

My fees are normally $99.00.  But for Northbrook residents, I will reduce my fees to $49.99.

Call now.  This offer will end soon.


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