Cement Cracked

3 Signs That Your Home’s Foundation is in Trouble

Most home maintenance issues that you run into aren’t going to be emergencies, but foundation damage is one problem that you should never ignore. That type of damage can quickly spread to other parts of your home, and a relatively minor fix early on could help you avoid expensive repairs down the road. Here is a quick glimpse at three signs of foundation damage that must be addressed as quickly as possible.


Practically every homeowner is going to notice at least a few foundation cracks over the years. Most of those cracks are non-structural and therefore completely harmless. As soon as you see a crack, you should note its overall size and shape. You must then check the crack once every few weeks to make sure that it hasn’t grown larger. Tomlinson Cannon explains that cracked basement walls, floors, windows, and foundation can be caused by drainage problems. That’s why it’s important to have the area inspected to avoid potential issues later on. Homeowners should contact a contractor if they notice that their foundation cracks have grown longer or spread to the nearby walls.

Slab Leaks

Schuelke Plumbing defines slab leaks as leaks that occur in copper pipes under the concrete foundations of your home. These leaks result in diminished water supply and can also cause damage to the surrounding concrete, compromising its strength and integrity, leading to long-term structural damage if not repaired. Some slab leaks lead to visible damage, such as mold and mildew, while other leaks are a little more difficult to detect. One of the most common signs of a slab leak is the sound of running water whenever you are standing near your home’s foundation. You also need to be wary of any unusual smells coming from your foundation or sewage line.

Sticky Windows/Doors

When multiple doors and windows stick, there could be a major problem with the home’s foundation. Sticking doors and windows can also be caused by sudden changes to the humidity levels, but you should never take this problem lightly. At the very least, you need to contact a contractor who can thoroughly inspect every inch of your home. You should also keep an eye out for any gaps around your doors and windows. Covering up the gaps with caulking might be tempting, but that will only mask the problem. In order to find and address the root causes of your foundation damage, you must hire a plumber or contractor.

Foundation damage can be catastrophic, but most homeowners should be able to catch the early warning signs as long as they are diligent. As a general rule, you need to inspect your home’s foundation at least once a year for signs of damage or any other unusual issues.