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3 Telltale Signs of Electrical Problems in Your Home

Is your home experiencing electrical issues? Do you know what to look for? Most people are aware that things like frayed wires and flickering lights are a clear warning sign that the electrical system needs attention from a professional. But what are some of the other, less obvious symptoms of potential problems? Here are four situations that every homeowner should be on the lookout for. 

Exposed Wire

If you see exposed wire on a connection, it’s possible to fix it as long as you first turn off the power to the device. After that, simply disconnect the exposed part of the wire after removing the main wire from the terminal. It’s usually easy to spot exposed wiring because a certain amount of bare wire will be protruding from the connector. 

If these exposed wires come into contact with anything, they can cause a short or an electrical arc flash. Electrical arc flashes can be 30,000 degrees or hotter and have the potential to start a house fire. Remember, if you’re unsure whether a specific piece of wiring is exposed, or if you aren’t comfortable fixing it, call a professional home inspector. That way, you will know whether the problem is major or minor, and you can hire an electrician if necessary. 

Strange Odors

Any unusual odors coming from walls or floors, unless clearly caused by standing water or other impurities, can indicate a serious electrical problem. Sometimes short circuits can cause wire coverings to burn slowly and emit odd smells. Call a home inspector or electrician if you notice telltale odors like these.

Shocks When Turning Devices Off or On

In many cases, if you get shocked when you turn a lamp or other device on or off, the problem is the device itself. It can also be a sign of bad wiring. If you ever get shocked by a device, have an electrician or home inspector take a look at the situation.

Electrical Tape Joining Wires Together

Some homeowners notice wiring that has been joined together with electrical tape. This is a common problem in older homes in which previous owners performed unauthorized and dangerous work instead of calling an electrician. Do the smart thing and have an electrician look at any “tape-joined” wiring you discover in your home. 

If you spot any signs of potential electrical problems in your home, don’t hesitate to contact a professional home inspector. Licensed, experienced inspectors know what to look for and can often notice things that are virtually invisible to the untrained eye. There’s no reason to take chances with a home’s electrical safety. When in doubt, check it out. After you check to gather more information, leave the final diagnostic work to a home inspection team. It’s the smart way to take care of your biggest investment.

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