Secure 24 Alarm Systems is the nation’s leading ADT Authorized Dealer. They offer home security system installation and also sales and marketing for products that can be monitored with ADT’s elite monitoring service. They are the only company in the United States that provides more ADT installations than  ADT, LLC. itself! Their comprehensive training programs allow them to provide our clients with highly experienced industry experts and excellent service.

We are proud to partner with Secure 24 as an ADT Authorized Dealer. Secure 24 is able to provide you with the best deals, the most extensive sets of tools for home security, and the quickest response time creating excellent customer service.

With Secure 24 Alarm Systems, you will find the help you need in choosing the security system that meets your specifications. You have the option of a wireless security system or one that is hard-wired. Options you select are included in the home alarm system installation service packages.

Secure 24 Alarm Systems will work with you and around your schedule to arrange a convenient time to have our installers come out and set up your security system. You can have peace of mind that Secure 24 Alarm Systems will install the system properly and thoroughly educate you on how to use it.

Our home security systems include:

  • Digital touchpad with two-way voice communication to prevent false alarms
  • Wireless keychain for instant access
  • Wireless sensors for doors or windows
  • Built-in motion sensor with PIR technology for motion detection in hallways or other rooms
  • Indoor siren to alert you of a breach in security
  • Lawn sign and window sticker for added protection
  • Power supply and backup battery for 24-hour operation

Maria Davis is our contact at Secure 24 and she will be reaching out to you via email.  If you do not wish to be contacted, please tell let Charlie, or your inspector, know so we can stop the process.  We do not want to upset our clients.


ADT is the #1 security monitoring company in the United States helping and protecting more than 6 million homes nationwide.  ADT has 5 nationwide interconnected command centers that monitor your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The most important part of a security monitoring company is the time it takes and reliability to dispatch the local police, fire and medical unit in an emergency situation.


  • #1 home security monitoring company in the country protecting your family, home and property
  • 5 nationwide interconnected command centers that monitor your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • ADT can dispatch the local police department, fire department or medical unit for your 911 address in a fast, reliable response time.


  • ADT has more subscribers than any other security company.  If you add the next 99 companies combined they still have fewer subscribers than ADT has alone.
  • ADT helps protect over 6 million homes in the United States alone.
  • ADT has the highest standard in quality for security equipment and monitoring techniques
  • Anyone affiliated with ADT must go through a background check and strict screening process
  • ADT monitoring centers have strict processes and guidelines to ensure customer safety.

Most monitoring companies only have one monitoring station.  If for any reason there is a problem receiving alarm signals whether it is do to weather, phone lines or power outages your safety is at risk. ADT has 5 interconnected command centers dedicated to responding to any emergency you might have. If one center is down your safety is not compromised.  ADT is always there when you need it most.