Sump Pit Problem

by Charles Bellefontaine • March 27, 2019

This photo was taken inside the sump pit. The pipe that brings water into the sump pit is no longer discharging the water INTO the pit. The water has eroded the earth around the pit. Since this is near the footing and foundation wall, if left untreated, it can take its toll on the structure. […]

How Long Will It Last?

by Charles Bellefontaine • February 2, 2019

A Home Inspection in Rogers Park – Chicago found this water heater. Charles BellefontaineCharles is a home inspector and a home inspector trainer. He started as a professional home inspector in 1993. He works for Chicagoland Home Inspectors, Inc. and Bellman Group, Inc. He has earned the title of Certified Master Inspector (CMI) from the […]

Pressure Relief Valves

by Charles Bellefontaine • January 28, 2019

Pressure relief valves (PRVs) are devices that are designed to open in case the water pressure inside of a water heater, boiler, or any other vessel that is designed to hold water under pressure.  Water heaters heat water and are supposed to maintain that temperature.  The process is simple.  When the water is not hot […]