Can Lights 101

Recessed lighting goes by a few different names such as down light, can light, canister light, and pot light. Pot light is mostly used by our north-of-the-border neighbors in Canada and not so much here in the United States. There are two different types of recessed lighting. Insulation Contact (IC) rated Non-IC rated IC-rated housings

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Batt Insulation

The above photos are showing poor insulation in the floor that overhangs the exterior wall. The darker the color = the colder the surface. This is common when batt insulation is just stuffed into an area. Voids are present that allow heat/cold to pass easily. The temperature change is not just a discomfort. It can

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Broken Garage Door Spring

Garage Door Springs

There are two types of garage door springs.  Expansion (extension) and torsion. All springs are under tremendous pressure and are considered dangerous.  Only professionals should work on these springs. Torsion Springs  First I will talk about the torsion springs and how we inspect them.  Torsion springs come in many different sizes.  They twist to help support

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