Dave Ingle

A home inspector since 2017. Dave likes to figure things out. His clients appreciate his thoroughness.  He truly cares about every client he serves.

Dave Ingle
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by Adam J. on Chicagoland
Inspector: Dave Ingle

Chicagoland Home Inspectors (Charley and Dave) came to our home-to-be to conduct an inspection today. As I review the report, I am appreciative of their attention to detail, and easy to navigate dynamic report, which makes it easy to identify which issues are critical and not. Photos accompany descriptions, with an easy navigation bar and filtering of issues to make review a breeze. I was even able to view photos of the roof via drone and thermal imaging to see heat loss!

I feel well prepared for my next home with this information in hand.

by Mike M on Chicagoland
Inspector: Dave Ingle

Let me preface this review by stating I highly recommend Chicago Home Inspectors. They exceeded my expectations in every way possible.

I found Chicago Home Inspectors initially via word of mouth. Then upon perusing their reviews and reading report after report glowing about their services, along with employee bios, I booked owner Charlie Bellafontaine to do our inspection. On the date of the inspection, I arrived 15 minutes early and found Charlie was already there waiting, along with Dave Ingle. Charlie explained that Dave was a newer hire being brought up to full speed with Chicago Home Inspectors. Charlie encouraged me to stay with him or Dave throughout the process and ask any and every question I had, so that all of my concerns were voiced/answered. In addition, I could see not only the inspection process, but get immediate feedback on what was found.

Charlie immediately went up on the roof, as Dave began inspecting the foundation, siding and general outside issues. When Charlie came back to the ground, he provided me a full description (including photos) of the roof’s condition. Dave briefed Charlie on his findings as already reported to me and the tree of us completed a detailed exterior inspection.

The remainder of the time, which in total was somewhere just over three hours in length, covered every part of the house; literally from attics down to the basement. Charlie and Dave were exceptional in ensuring that I was aware of every finding (positive or nonnegative). I was extremely impressed with their use of technology in probing the home (Flir I/R gun, moisture meters, furnace/a/c combustion tools, etc. Not only did Charlie explain what each of these tools detected, but how they functioned.

At the end of the extremely thorough inspection, Charlie did a breakdown summary of what he and Dave had found and described priority order of fixes based upon if it was his own house. I found Charlie and Dave both to be very personable, extremely patient and willing to do whatever it took to inspect the house (crawling under decks, into crawl and attic spaces, et.) and clearly possessed high levels of knowledge about all systems of a home; and just as important, they explained everything in simple to understand terms.

Later the same day, I received my formal inspection report via e-mail. It was exceptionally detailed, with photo documentation of concerns, well organized by both home system, as well as priority of each repair within a given category. The report was a perfect complement to me being present for the inspection, but more importantly a meticulous record of the home for not only real estate negotiation, but for peace of mind as a buyer.

Inclosing, I cannot recommend Chicagoland Home Inspectors enough for the reasons outlined. If you are having an inspection done as a buyer, seller or any reason, this is the company for you!!

by Graeme W on Chicagoland
Inspector: Dave Ingle

Charlie and Dave were very helpful and were always explaining things to me and answering my questions. Very friendly too. They got up on the roof, took photos with a drone and went all over the property reporting issues. The report itself was very professional and comprehensive too.

Dave is a wonderful inspector and I am glad he was able to help. Best wishes to you and your family.

by Spencer S. on Chicagoland
Inspector: Charlie & Dave

I had Dave and Charlie out this morning not just on time but early. Incredibly affable guys that were easy to talk to, answered all our questions, and gave honest good feedback. The inspection was about 3 hours and I shadowed them during the process learning a lot about what house maintenance is needed, what is good, what is bad and why, and what I need to do or who to call to take care of it. Definitely worth the money to give me peace of mind and the ability to know what to focus on and get fixed up. Thanks again Dave and Charlie for a pleasant and enlightening morning!

by Khayutin I. on Chicagoland
Inspector: Charlie & Dave

Charlie and Dave did an outstanding and very professional job with two properties we looked into. Their input helped us to take decisions that in retrospect were very wise. This is one of the best returns on investment I have ever seen. Highly recommended!

Thank you for the kind words and GO CATS!

by Lee B. on Chicagoland
Inspector: Charlie & Dave

Charlie and Dave are professional, friendly, and competent! They were so thorough and unlike some inspectors, didn't just look for things that are already wrong--they also looked more in-depth to make sure that everything looks sound and thus we can be more confident of having fewer issues in the future. They also caught many minor issues most inspectors would miss. While many of these issues were not significant enough to affect the transaction, we appreciated that they put every single thing in there, since it's always better to have more knowledge than less. Another thing we really appreciated was their willingness to stop and explain things in detail to us. Not only is it helpful for the transaction, but we learned a lot about the house that we're going to be living in! Time is often of the essence when purchasing a house, and they went above and beyond! We noticed a minor discrepancy in the report, and they responded incredibly quickly, after-hours even, and fixed the report. Buying a house is the largest purchase almost everyone will make. Hire Chicagoland Home Inspectors to help ensure you're not making a bad investment!

by Rosa L. on Chicagoland
Inspector: Charlie & Dave

I wanted the best inspector I could find for a gut rehab we wanted to purchase and Chicagoland Home Inspectors has amazing reviews! I had some doubts about the quality of work and I am so glad we went with Chicagoland Home Inspectors. Charlie and Dave were patient and thorough, answered all of my questions and I enjoyed walking with them throughout the process. I learned a lot and I highly recommend walking with them during the inspection process- you will learn so much about the home you are trying to buy! Here's a picture of Charlie doing a sewer inspection. We added sewer and mold inspection because age the house and the condition before it was rehabbed and I am glad we did!

by Evan and Kirsten C. on Chicagoland
Inspector: Charlie & Dave

Charlie and Dave we're both fantastic during our first time home inspection. Charlie was great up front, providing plenty of information about the inspection and various tests. He offered advice and recommendations before we got started and was incredibly thorough and knowledgeable during the inspection. Both him and Dave were helpful and methodical. The report was fantastic and we are very glad to have worked with Charlie and Dave.

by Misha S. on Chicagoland
Inspector: Charlie & Dave

I had Charlie and Dave out for an inspection and they were AWESOME. Very detailed and thorough with their findings and the report. They explained everything along the way so I didn’t feel overwhelmed. I learned a lot from them through the process. I would not hesitate to call them again. Thanks again Charlie and Dave!

by Annette K. on Chicagoland
Inspector: John & Dave

John and Dave were on time, courteous, and respectful of the property by removing their shoes while working on the inside of the house. They performed many inspections and took their time in explaining what they found to us (the client). They took each floor and went over everything in the time we spent together. We were pleased that they allowed us to follow them around and ask questions about what they had found. We were never rushed during the whole process. John and Dave made it a delightful experience during a stressful time. I would not hesitate to recommend Chicagoland Home Inspectors to future home buyers.

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