Why a Warranty / Guarantee

Things do break.  Nothing is more disappointing than an appliance breaking down right after you move into your new home.  This is why we partnered with Achosa Home Warranty, LLC to provide a 60 day warranty on your appliances, electrical system, and plumbing system.  This is a limited warranty and the complete details can be read here. There is always a cost to everything.  Your cost is your information. We must provide your contact information, and a copy of the home inspection report, to Achosa Home Warranty, LLC.  

They will contact you to see if you would be interested in purchasing an extended warranty on your home.  

We have purchased other warranties for our clients and have had some bad experiences with them.  After doing some in depth research, we have chosen to add this short term warranty for our clients. 

We Match Achosa

We also guarantee our work, but you have to choose The Achosa Warranty to get our guarantee.  We will match what they agree to pay up to the total cost of repair, or replacement.  I personally like simple.  

A few things need to happen to obtain our guarantee.

  • We MUST state an item was inspected
  • We MUST not have a defect for that system or component documented.
  • We MUST not have a disclaimer about that system or component.
  1. Any item that is not part of the coverage that Achosa provides is covered up to $1,000 as long as the above bulleted items are satisfied.
  2. Any item that is part of the coverage that Achosa provides is covered dollar for dollar so along as it does not exceed the total cost and the bulleted items are covered.

Our guarantee can continue for up to one full year providing you purchase one of the warranties provided from Achosa. 

How The Warranty Works.

Achosa protects you from the unexpected. Have peace of mind by knowing that you are able to select the licensed contractor of your choice when issues arise. We are driven to help your family with the undue burdens associated with the repair and replacement of major appliances and systems in your home. While we can’t cover everything, we do our best to cover most of the major challenges that can impact your wallet.