Make an appointment with Charlie to do a private session for obtaining your 5 field inspections.  Illinois only allows for one field event to be preformed per day.  My process will be 1 field event will be in a home without a client.  This will allow us to discuss the different parts of the mechanical systems.  You will see how they work, understand all the components, and see the equipment that a high end home inspector uses. The rest of the inspections will be you witnessing the inspection process as I go through the home with my clients. Together we will inspect these houses on the outside and the inside following the state mandate.  You will not write reports or communicate with any clients.  This process counts as all five of your field experiences required by the State of Illinois.

Fee $600.00 for all five inspections

Private Home Inspection coaching

I will meet with you for one three-hour, one on one, on an inspection site training session.  We will use either your home or find a vacant home.  There is no limit to how many inspections we do, but we will find a new home for each inspection.  Together we will inspect this home following my normal routine for performing a home inspection.  I will quiz you during the process to build your knowledge.  We will work on communication and properly explaining issues found in the home. This process is intense but you will build confidence in your knowledge of all aspects about the home inspection process.  After the inspection, you will be required to write a report for this inspection and submit it to me for review.  After review; we will have a video conference to discuss the report.  The goal is to provide you with a confidence in your inspection ability and report writing.  This process counts as one of your field experiences required by the State of Illinois.

Fee $400.00 per event