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The Hermosa area originated as one of the many suburban crabgrass communities of Jefferson Township. The first verifiable proof of European settlement in the area occurred in the early 1880s after railroads where constructed through the area. In 1872, an extension of the Chicago and Pacific Rail Road was extended, passing through Hermosa from east to west. One of the first settlers was named Mr. Lathman, who built his house in the spring of 1882.  In the same year, James F. Keeney, who owned much of the land that now comprises Hermosa, started building a number of houses within his subdivision. In 1884, the first large scale successful industrial enterprise, the Laminated Wood Company, was founded. In 1886 several other factories were also established such as the Expanded Metal Company, the Eclipse Furnace Company, and a warehouse belonging to the Washburn and Moen Manufacturing Company. The Keeney Company actively promoted the growth of Hermosa and ultimately helped convince the railroad to build a station in the area, which Mr. Kenney constructed at his own expense. By 1884, there were 30 houses and 150 people living in Hermosa, most of these original settlers were Scotch, German and Swedish immigrants. The first schools and churches were established in the area in the late 1880s and 1890s.

Hermosa is the birthplace of Walt Disney, born on December 5, 1901. The house Walt was born in was designed and built by his father and mother, Elias Disney and Flora Call Disney, in 1893. The home is located at the corner of Tripp Avenue and Palmer Avenue at 2156 North Tripp Avenue, formerly 1249 Tripp Avenue. The home was sold in 2013. The new owners intended to restore the home and hope to obtain landmark status for the structure. The City of Chicago attempted to designate the structure as a Historic Landmark in 1991, but the owner of the property at the time fought the designation. Brent Young, Dina Benadon, and Todd Regan, the Executive Director, are currently raising funds to repair the siding, install restoration windows and paint the structure.

It is highly recommended that you get a complete professional home inspection done on any home that you purchase in Hermosa. The unique architecture and ornate Victorian homes may have surprises or complications that an experienced home inspector can identify in their home inspection report.

If you are planning to attend an open house to give it a thorough inspection, don’t go in blind. There’s a whole lot you can find out about a property, either by checking it out yourself in person during the inspection or asking the on-site real estate agent (or both).

We have inspected many homes in the Hermosa community, and have many years of experience with the homes in the neighborhood! Call us today to schedule a Hermosa home inspection.

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Chicagoland Home Inspectors Inc. provides home inspection services in the Hermosa community, and have many years of experience with the homes in the neighborhood!Seller / Listing Inspection In Rogers Park


We offer sellers pre-listing inspection check on Hermosa homes with a detailed report of needed repairs before the property is put on the market.Rehab A Home In Rogers Park


The Hermosa home inspection offers detailed reports, if the property is a REHAB HOME.Radon Testing In Roogers Park Home


If you’re buying a home in the Hermosa area, get it tested for radon. Radon gas is the number one cause of lung cancer among non-smokers, and the second leading cause of cancer in America.


We are proud to offer sewer scope inspections. Sewer inspections are important because any problems with the main sewer line are the financial responsibility of the owner.


Appraisers and Home Inspectors generally call for FHA VA Certifications when they notice unusual issues on the property they are appraising or the utilities are off, preventing a sampling of parts of the system.

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