Most homeowners would be devastated if disaster struck their home. After all, a home costs thousands of dollars to maintain every year; if a home suffers major damage, the consequences could be tragic for everyone involved. Luckily, an annual home inspection can help you avoid this unhappy future. Here are three key reasons why.

Small Issues Can Compound

Small issues can add up, eventually doing significant damage to your home. However, it’s not always easy to recognize these problems. For example, sloping floors, peeling paint, a door that won’t close, and flickering lights may not seem like a big deal. However, each of these issues is a symptom of a leak, bad wiring, or a bigger problem with your house’s foundation. A home inspection can help you catch these problems in time and avoid the cost of major repairs down the road.

Professionals Can Spot Warning Signs

Home inspectors can spot the warning signs of impending disaster. Their trained eyes can detect small problems before you can.   Insect issues, timber rot, and leaking pipes are only three of the many issues that can damage your house and even make your home unlivable.  Inspectors are able to spot these issues beforehand, and can help you address the issues before they become bigger problems. 

Fire damage can also be easily assessed by a home inspector.  You might have the occasional stove fire or other small fire in your home that can singe but not catastrophically damage your home.  Do not write these situations off.  Even minor fire damage can cause secondary damage that can be much more serious. If you have had these situations in your home, discuss them with an inspector as soon as possible.

Avoid Potential Danger

Inspectors are able to assess and rate the systems in your home.  They can check your electrical system to make sure all electrical loops are closed, and assess if the system is a danger to you and your family.  They can also check for contamination in your water and air ducts.  Inspectors will often look at porches, stairs and decks to assess their stability.   These kinds of checks will help keep you and your family safe. If a problem is noticeable to an untrained eye, it is likely about to become a catastrophe. 

Of course, an annual home inspection cannot prevent natural disasters. But it can prevent almost every other kind of disaster that could strike your home. In order to stop small issues from compounding and avoid potential danger, make sure to schedule your home inspection. This will allow you to spot any existing warning signs with the help of a qualified professional.

We can provide a quality home inspection so you can make sure to fix any underlying issues. Schedule an appointment with us today!