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How to Add Additional Privacy to Your Home

Feeling at home in a house involves keeping it a private place. While you might appreciate some of the architectural or landscaping details you currently have that contribute to security, they may not be enough for you to feel relaxed and safe every time you’re on your property. Implementing a few of these ideas will help boost that privacy so you don’t feel like you’re living in a fish bowl!

Put Up a Fence

Putting up a fence is perhaps one of the most obvious and effective methods of adding privacy to your home. There are a variety of different fence options that you should consider, depending on your particular situation. If you are mainly looking for privacy, you could add a fence that wraps around the entirety of your backyard. If you really want to emphasize privacy, consider adding tall fences made of wooden planks.

Plant Trees

Planting trees is another great long-term solution to privacy concerns. Depending on where you live, trees may grow relatively quickly and show the fruits of your labor within a few years. Generally speaking, growing tall trees that give really great shade and privacy could take a long time, but if you are in the home for the long haul, this is a great idea. Planting trees around the perimeter of your yard can help insulate the area from prying eyes while adding to the ambiance as well.

Hang Curtains

Hanging curtains is one of the most practical ways to add privacy to the interior of your home. Having good curtains should be something you think about for the most high visibility rooms with large windows on the ground floor. Take the time to actually walk around your home at night when the lights are on and the windows are open. Observe carefully how much you can see of the various rooms and determine how much coverage you want. Getting blackout curtains will definitely ensure you don’t have any privacy problems. But you also might miss some of the natural light in certain rooms in your home.  

Add Window Tinting

Adding window tinting can be another way to add privacy to your home without seriously changing its appearance much. Tinting your home’s windows helps reduce your electricity bill and provides additional privacy. With window tinting, it becomes harder to see through your windows on one side, making it easier to have curtainless windows and still maintain privacy. Because the tint allows less light in, your home also won’t bake in the heat. If you tend to get harsh light on your windows, this could be a good option to reduce that glare while improving your privacy.

Upgrade Your Backyard

Upgrading your backyard might be one of the most effective ways to maximize your property’s full potential while maintaining your privacy. Ultimately, it can be quite difficult to make a front yard truly private while maintaining curb appeal. But your backyard space can be much more private with all sorts of additions like arbors, slat screens, and trellises. Planting greenery along these features also obstructs view. If you particularly love gardening, making a “living wall” out of a freestanding screen that can contain multiple hanging plants and bulky flowers will upgrade your backyard’s look while obstructing any prying eyes.

Add Architectural Details

Adding various architectural features including things like pergolas or gazebos can be another great way to add some more privacy while still enjoying outdoor living. Especially if you like to entertain guests in your backyard or spend a lot of time out there yourself, being able to do so without any worries about privacy is a worthy endeavor. Pergolas cast light shade with their slatted roofs and are considered more trendy, while gazebos typically provide full shade with their roofs and can give more privacy with their structure. Which one you pick may be dependent on what you want to compromise between style and privacy. It also might be a good idea to work with a landscape expert, who can help you figure out what the best option for you is. 

Install a Security Camera

Installing a security camera is a great way to help you feel more secure with your home’s privacy. First of all, a good security camera allows you to have footage of what is going on in and around your home, allowing you to have a little more peace of mind. With some security systems you can access the camera footage from your phone at any time or place. You can also receive instant alerts even when you are far away from your house. It’s a great way to check on children and pets as well. Installing them can lower your homeowner’s insurance while also implementing an alarm system that will notify authorities automatically if the need arises. Plus, having a few security cameras will also discourage any potential nosy neighbors or other random strangers from walking across your yard or trying to get too personal.

Get a Shed

Getting a shed is a great way to add some much needed privacy to your yard. If there is some part of your backyard where you feel you are lacking privacy—maybe you have a gap in your fencing or foliage—putting a shed there could be a great idea. Sheds also can protect your outdoor equipment and supplies rather than having such valuables like a lawn mower, grill, or pool supplies out in the open. If you have a good amount of backyard space, sheds are a great multipurpose feature to include even if they are a bit bigger than a garden wall.

Maintaining a comfortable amount of privacy in your home is an important step towards making it a place where you can fully relax. Think carefully about the areas of your home you feel could benefit from added security and coverage. Above all, your privacy should be a priority!

Privacy around your home is importantso is safety inside it. See what’s included in our Standard Home Inspection!