Finding Hidden Water Leaks

How to Find Hidden Water Leaks in Your Home

When you have an obvious water leak in your home it is pretty easy to take care of. But when there are hidden leaks, they can cause damage before you even realize they are there. Finding hidden water leaks before they cause too much damage can help you to save time and money while keeping your home in great condition.

Inspect Your Roof

The source of many hidden leaks is a roof that is in disrepair or has had a recent bit of damage occur. Inspecting your roof, especially after a storm, can help you to catch a hidden leak early and take care of it quickly. If you notice water or water damage appearing in your home with no obvious source, checking your roof is a good first step towards solving the problem. According to Prime Roofing, during your inspection look for damaged shingles, issues with your rain gutter, and even just the surface of the roof for soft spots as you are walking. Checking those things will cover your bases and give you a good idea of where a leak originates.

Check Your Pipes

Once you have ruled out your roof, the piping in your home is the next most likely source of the problem. You will want to check your pipes for leaks so that you can identify the source and stop the leaking before it progresses too far. Leaking from pipes can cause a variety of problems and simply make your life more difficult as you try to keep your home clean and functioning as well as possible. According to Proterra Pest Control, many pests are attracted to the moisture around leaking pipes. That means staying on top of leaks is essential to keeping out pests.

Call in a Professional

If you know you have a leak somewhere, but you can’t seem to track it down, it may be time to call in an expert. They can do a more thorough investigation and may have a few new ideas about where a leak could be originating. According to, having a professional help you out will also give you peace of mind since you will know the leak will be found and taken care of appropriately. Asking around for recommendations can help you to find an expert that you can trust.

A leak can be incredibly frustrating, especially when the source isn’t immediately visible. With a little inspection and time, you should be able to find any leaf and make sure that it is taken care of. The sooner you find any leak the better it will be for your home, your stress levels, and your budget.

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