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How to Make Your Home (Virtually) Mouse-Proof

Mice might seem cute and fuzzy, but make rude house guests. Mice can cause a lot of issues in your home. They can chew through electrical wires, causing a fire in your home. They can leave bacteria and other diseases on your countertops. Their stinky messes can even accumulate within your HVAC system, affecting the quality of your indoor air. Luckily, there are some steps that you can take to mouse-proof your home. This will keep these creatures outside where they belong.

Block Off Their Favorite Spots

It’s important that you regularly check around the perimeter of your home for spots where mice could enter. Most kinds of mice prefer to stay out of sight. You might not see them wandering around, but you should look for cracks and gaps in your foundation that might be letting them pass right through. Also, look for doors that aren’t latching properly.

Keep Things Neat

If it’s one thing that mice really love, it’s a messy house. You don’t want to leave bags of garbage on your porch or patio. Make sure you remove your garbage every day, replacing it with a fresh bag. You shouldn’t leave food out for long on countertops. This will attract mice and other pests. If you have pets in the home, try not to leave their food out for long. Mice are often attracted to pet food. Once your pets are done with their meal, remove the food bowls until their next feeding.

Address the Property and Landscaping

You don’t want mice to enter your home, but you should also strive to keep them off your property entirely. If they aren’t coming anywhere near your home, they won’t be tempted to come inside. You want to regularly clean up brush and other areas where mice can hide. Trim down low hanging branches that provide a path to your home. If you don’t have to do your own landscaping than hire professionals or the neighborhood kid trying to earn extra cash.

It’s a lot easier to prevent mice from infesting your home than it is to remove them once they’ve come in. It doesn’t take long for you to take a quick look at your home and property. Make it quite clear to mice and other pests that they aren’t welcome. The first place you should start is your yard. If you notice mice there, they’re bound to try and get inside at some point when the weather turns colder.