When you go home, you want to have a quiet space. But houses can sometimes carry sound, and with children, or a spouse who watches TV very loud and late or even the neighbors driving by, it can be impossible to find moments of silence. How do you find peace? Here are a few tips to soundproof your home.

Find the Sound Leaks

One of the things you should do to start is to find the sound leaks. According to ISO Store, sound can leak from the outside, from cracks and holes in doors, windows and ventilation shafts. Check all your walls to make sure there aren’t any leaks. If there are, plug them up with sealant. You might also consider replacing your windows and doors with soundproof windows and doors to prevent noise leaking into your home. In order to soundproof your house, you should first find the sound leaks and fix them to keep your home quieter.


Another thing you can do is add insulation. Insulation blocks heat and keeps your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but it can also reduce noise by adding a buffer between the inner walls and the exterior of your home. This is true in the roof as well. According to I-57 Roofing, attic insulation is especially helpful at noise when you have a metal roof. If your insulation is old, it might be time to get it replaced to quiet your home.

Use Rugs and Carpet

Another way that you can dampen the sound is by using rugs and carpets. According to Resonics, this can be especially useful if you live in an apartment and don’t own the space you’re trying to soundproof. Rugs and carpets add an extra layer and absorb sound, which can quiet a room. In rooms where you don’t want to add carpet, such as the bathroom or the kitchen, throwdown washable rugs can help reduce noise (as well as prevent slips from water on the floor). Rugs and carpets can also allow you to add extra character and sparkle to a room by adding a splash of color. You can also layer rugs on top of existing carpet to add contrasting color and to add a further cushion.

Sounds from the outside of your home and from other rooms of your home can be a loud distraction. Using any of these soundproofing methods will help to keep your home quieter so you can enjoy peace in your own home.

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