Issues That Can Affect Your Home’s Foundation

The foundation of your home has many responsibilities. It supports the structure of your home, provides insulation, prevents movement, and even keeps out pests. This important feature needs to be looked after and it’s helpful to know what can cause damage to your foundation. 

Poor Soil 

Your home is surrounded by many layers of soil that can affect the home’s foundation. Not all soil will cause problems, but poor-quality soil can be an issue. For some soil types, such as those rich in clay, there is an increased risk of the soil expanding and shrinking. 

When the soil expands, it pushes against the foundation and can cause a great deal of strain and the foundation can even become cracked. If the soil shrinks too much, this leaves gaps around the foundation which can cause the foundation to shift. Some soils also have a tendency to erode which leaves the foundation without the support it needs. 


As weather changes throughout the year, it puts your foundation through several changes as well. When you experience a lot of rain, it increases the moisture of the soil which can weaken it. Your foundation may sink or settle when this happens. Increased moisture in the soil also increases the risk of water getting through your foundation and into your home. 

Dry, hot weather on the other hand can lead to your foundation cracking. If you experience any extreme weather in your area, keep an eye on your foundation. Foundation damage can turn off buyers if you plan on selling. After you’ve had a storm or experienced a heat wave, inspect your foundation and make any necessary repairs.

Tree Roots

While planting a lot of trees on your property increases curb appeal it can also damage your foundation. As trees mature, their roots spread and grow bigger. If roots get into any existing cracks in your foundation, they can enlarge and further weaken it. Trees also affect the soil around your foundation. They spread to wherever there is moisture and once they find it, they soak it all up. This causes your soil to dry out and this is what impacts your foundation. Some tree roots even have the potential to get under your home and cause your foundation to lift. 

The foundation of a home is often overlooked, but you need to make sure you have it inspected every once in a while. There are lots of ways it can become damaged or weakened. If you experience any of these issues where you live, take a look at your foundation. 

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