Major Pests Inspectors Look for In Your Home

When you’re preparing to buy or sell a home, one of the steps you should take is to have your home inspected for pests. This might even be something you want to do if you suspect your house is having some pest issues. 

Here are a few types of major pests that inspectors look for in your home. 


First, the pest inspectors will look for signs of termites in and around your home. Termite damage can significantly damage and decay your home, and could even threaten the structural integrity of your home. It could cause your floors to buckle or your walls to cave in if it continues unaddressed. 

Extensive termite damage could ruin your home and furniture permanently which is why this is one of the primary pests that inspectors always look for. Sometimes termite damage might look similar to water damage since both can cause damaged wood and swollen ceilings, walls, or floors. For this reason, you’ll want to hire a professional pest inspector to get to the bottom of these pest issues developing at your home. 

Rats and Mice

Another type of pest that inspectors will look for is rodents. Rats and mice are common issues found in older homes, or homes built in remote areas, but they can work their way into almost any house. There are a few different signs of rodent infestations that inspectors will look for. 

Signs of chewing on walls, furniture, clothing, and food packaging could indicate that there are rodents residing in your home. Urine stains and droppings are a major sign of a rodent infestation in your home. A musky, dirty smell can also be a sign of rodent infestation. Rodents will often be found around food sources, so your pantry or food storage might be one of the first places that an inspector would look. If rodents are found near your food, you’ll need to throw out any food that could have been contaminated.

Bed Bugs

Pest inspectors will also likely look for bed bugs when they’re examining different parts of your home. Bed bugs are commonly found around all different parts of the bed, as well as other soft furniture. Rusty red stains on bedsheets or upholstery could be a sign of bed bugs. They might also find signs of eggs or eggshells in different parts of your home. Bed bugs are very tiny but they are visible to the naked eye if you look closely. You might notice bed bugs yourself if you wake up with unexplained bug bites after sleeping in your bed. Bed bugs can cause irritations or allergic reactions. They can also be quite expensive to get rid of since they reproduce quite quickly.

So, if you’ve hired an inspector to look for pest infestations in your house, these are a few pests they might be looking for. Termites, rats and mice, and bed bugs are just a few pests that are commonly found in homes. Even though hiring a pest inspector can be expensive, it will help your home to be safer and more sanitary.

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