Potential Hazards Home Inspectors Can Check For

Your home is an investment and should be enjoyed. Over time, your home can have some issues that, if not taken care of, can damage your home and make it unsafe. Luckily, professional inspectors are trained to look for hazards and can help make sure your home is hazard-free. Potential hazards they can look for are faulty electrical wiring, water damage, and structural problems.

Faulty Electrical Wiring

Proper function of electrical wiring is important because it can help prevent housefires. Many house fires are a result of an electrical failure. A home inspector can do a general inspection of your home to see if there are potential issues. The main place they search is the electrical panel. Many issues are because of old electrical panels, old wiring, or improper wiring. A home inspector may recommend that you get a full inspection by a qualified electrician. While this will cost some money, it is important in protecting you and your home.

Water Damage

Water damage can wreak havoc on your home. It can cause warping, mold, or unstable foundation among many other problems. Your water damage can come from many different sources. Leaky pipes can result in standing water in your home which can attract pests. Poor insulation and humid climates can cause water buildup. Mold can build up on your walls, ceiling, and floors and can be toxic for you and your family. An inspector will be able to determine water damage and where it originates so you can repair any issues and ensure the safety of your home.

Structural Problems

Your home should have a sturdy structure to ensure safety. If there is anything unstable this can make your home unsafe. An inspector can check the foundation, basement, and crawlspace for any signs of damage that can be hazardous. An inspector will report evidence of water damage, cracks in the foundation, movement in the foundation, uneven floors, presence of cuts or notches in framing that could pose a concern. Some hazards can be more dangerous than others such as water damage that causes a structural shift which can result in walls collapsing under pressure.

Potential problems an inspector can check for in your home are faulty electrical wiring, water damage, and structural problems. Inspections can cost you some money, however they are worth it to ensure your home is hazard-free. Left unchecked, many hazards could jeopardize your home and your safety.  

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