Sewer Scopes

The sewer lines bring the waste water to the public sewer line or the septic pit. This pipe does belong to the homeowner until it meets with the city sewer system.

In this photo we found a problem before we even put our scope into the pipe. If you focus on the middle of the photo you will see the top of the sewer line that has sunken down. I estimate only 40% of the pipe is open. Our scope will not pass through that opening so we can not determine the condition of the pipe past this point. I am actually surprised this wasn’t clogged already.

Our recommendation includes hiring a plumber to dig up the sewer line, make needed repairs, and scope the rest of the line. The cost for such repairs can run between $2,500 to over $10,000.

One of the warranties that we purchase on every home inspection we perform covers such defects if they are found within the warranty’s time frame of 90 days. This warranty is extended to 12 months if we can show a sewer scope of the line in good condition.

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