Improving Water Quality

Simple Things You Can Do to Improve Your Water Quality

Water is an essential element of sustaining human life. We use it for everything. Understandably, individuals find it important to have high quality water filtering through their home. Simple things you can do to improve your water quality include installing a hard water filter, preventing backflow, and changing out faucet aerators.

Install a Hard Water Filter

Within your water you have a lot of chemicals, namely calcium and magnesium. These chemicals travel through the pipe system and can leave behind debris that build up and eventually cause problems. You can filter your water by installing a hard water filter. The filter will essentially clean the water, reducing the hard water minerals that travel in the water. A water softener is healthier for ingesting, better for sensitive skin, and improves the efficiency and performance of appliances.

Prevent Backflow

Backflow is the unwanted flow of water in the reverse direction. For example, a clogged drain that brings water up from the septic system instead of down into it. Backflow can be very dangerous because it releases toxins and can cause permanent damage to your plumbing system. You should be able to work with a plumber to choose the right backflow prevention device for your home. Improve the water quality in your home by installing a backflow prevention device and promoting the correct flow of water and waste products.

Change Out Faucet Aerators

Faucet aerators are the screens at the end of your faucet that the water comes out of. They are the last line of defense for water consumption in your house. Because of this, faucet screens tend to collect a lot of sediment buildup. The buildup collected can affect the quality of water with a less efficient aerator, decrease flow and pressure with extra debris in the way, and impact the overall taste of your water. A faucet aerator is a simple fix that just requires unscrewing the part and replacing it for less than two dollars. This should be done annually or more frequently depending on the water filtration and quality systems you have.

An increased quality of water flowing through your home impacts your appliances, utilities, surfaces, structural components, and more importantly the health of those who live there. Unfortunately, when water comes to your home, it does not come clean. Follow these simple steps to improve your health, lifestyle, and water quality within your home.

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