Building a home is an exciting adventure. If you’ve searched the market and can’t find what you want, then constructing an abode to your exact specifications is the best option. While the result is always worth the hassle, the process from beginning to end is challenging. Here are some things that you must keep in mind before taking on this momentous task.

Your Budget

While you may have your heart set on a five-bedroom home with a finished basement, inground pool, and all-season room, your budget may not allow it. You must set a financial plan for your home with your monthly payment as your guide. How much can you afford each month for your mortgage, taxes, and insurance? Remember, there are always those unforeseen expenses that can make or break your finances. While that four-bedroom Cape Cod home may be what you want, your budget may say a modest three-bedroom ranch is doable. Don’t stretch yourself beyond your financial limits.

Just because the bank says that you can afford a certain price doesn’t mean that it’s true. Only you know what you have going out in obligations each month. The lender won’t know about monthly commitments that don’t appear on your credit. Have a contractor do a construction estimation for you to see what you can fit into your budget.


There are many things to consider with your new home venture, but one of the most significant is the location. You want a place that has good resale value, so that means building in a neighborhood that can hold its worth. You can overbuild for a neighborhood, and you will never get the money back when you sell. Do your homework, and make sure that the location you choose is not only best for your family but also good for appreciation.

Floor Plans

There are a variety of floor plans available. If you have older children, then you may want to choose a home that has a master on the first floor while the rest of the rooms are upstairs. If your children are younger, then you may want all the bedrooms on the same level. If you plan on staying in this home for the rest of your life, then you want to build now and for the future. Some things, like putting the laundry room on the first floor and having a bedroom downstairs, is advisable. When you’re older, you won’t want to climb stairs as it can be dangerous. Pick a floor plan that works for the long term, not just in the here and now.


Abiding by the highest home building standards can ensure the safety of your new home. You want your abode to be a haven, but you also want it to be a place that spares no expense in making it safe. When you select a contractor, you must ensure that they have a record for success, and they must have your safety in mind. You need smoke alarms, a security system, and carbon monoxide detection, but safety goes far beyond those basic things.

Home Inspections

Before you select a home, you must ask yourself what your family needs. A household with three children and two parents, for example, would fit comfortably in a four-bedroom home. However, you may be able to make three bedrooms work if two of the children share a room. You don’t want to overbuild, especially if your children are older. You must take into consideration what your family needs before you call the builder.

Your Lifestyle

Every family in America lives differently. Your lifestyle dictates the type of home you need. If you are a single person that loves to entertain poolside, then your needs are going to be vastly different than a family of four. Even if you’re currently single, does the home you envision meet your needs should you marry? You may want to add that “man cave” in the basement that has a wet bar, or you may think the pool and hot tub combo is non-negotiable. However, a pool might not be safe for young children. Make sure your home fits your lifestyle.

Preparing for Hiccups

The timing issue is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome in homebuilding. You want the home done yesterday, and your contractor wants more time. It’s important that you mentally prepare for delays, financial changes, and the headache of dealing with inspectors and other professionals. Things don’t always go as you would like. Don’t try to rush things and get upset when everything doesn’t go as planned. Realize that one day you will look back on this project, and you will hardly remember all those delays and aggravation.

There are always little touches that make your home extra special. For instance, if you are a pet lover, then you will want to make sure you have a “doggy door” or hardwood rather than carpeting. If you have young children who love to make messes, then you can have a centralized vacuum system throughout the home. Add little things that make your space more functional to fit your needs. Why build a new home if you don’t have a few luxuries to add to it?

The Monthly Reserve

While you will have a home warranty for a certain period, there are always things that come up during home maintenance. You want to ensure that you have funds to cover any unforeseen expenses. Homeownership means you no longer have a landlord to call when the drains are plugged, or the toilet is running nonstop. Some things are not covered under that warranty, and you must pay for them out of pocket.

Home is where you hang your hat, and it’s the place you come when the rest of the world is too much to handle. Your space must provide both peace and safety. The process can seem overwhelming. From selecting the contractor to picking your floor plan, it’s a lot to manage. However, you must consider the safety aspects of this home. You want your haven to be safe above all else.

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