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Things You’re Probably Doing in Your Home That Increase Fire Risk

No one wants to face the devastation of a house fire, but you may be doing things every day that increase your risk of having one. Following a few important rules when it comes to fire safety can be the difference between keeping you and your home safe and experiencing the damage a fire can cause.

Using the Wrong Wattage Light Bulb

There’s a reason why lamps and other lighting devices come with specifications about which wattage light bulb should be used. Not following these directions puts you and your home at risk. When you use a bulb that is a higher wattage than recommended, your light fixture can actually overheat. Overheating that can lead to a melted socket, which is holding the bulb, and can easily turn into a fire. Lampshades and anything in the vicinity will catch quickly. Only use the specified wattage in light fixtures. If you need more light, purchase fixtures that call for higher wattage bulbs instead of adding them to fixtures that can’t handle them.

Overloading Your Power Strip

Power strips seem convenient because you can place many plugs in one place, allowing you to power more than one electrical item at a time in the same location. The problems start when the power strip is overloaded. An outlet is only supposed to receive a certain amount of power at a time. When a power strip is overloaded, it is a major fire risk. A circuit breaker that trips often is a sign that your power strip is overloaded. Putting a higher demand on an outlet than it’s designed for is a safety hazard that can easily become a fire hazard. Don’t overload power strips, and don’t use them with large items that need a lot of energy, such as microwaves or refrigerators. Space heaters should not be used with power strips.

Lighting Candles

Everyone wants an ambient environment that looks and smells nice. That’s why candles are so popular. You can light one in any room of the house and release a pleasing scent while also creating a dimly lit haven. The problem is that unattended candles are a fire risk. It’s easy to forget to blow them out before leaving the house or retreating to bed. It’s also possible to tip them over and have them catch fire to nearby sheets or other flammables. Don’t leave candles unattended, and think hard before lighting them in your home.

Keep your family and your home safe by preventing common fire hazards. Avoiding a few common missteps can make a major difference.
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