What You Shouldn’t Forget After Renovating Your Garage

A full garage remodel is a large home project, especially if you are doing it all on your own. Whether you are completing the remodel to get more storage space, declutter, or create more living space, your garage is a great canvas for your home improvement ideas. Before you call your project complete, there are some things you should double-check.

Make Sure it’s Ventilated

Once you finish renovating your garage, you need to make sure it is ventilated. Ventilating your garage helps get rid of any toxic fumes or carbon monoxide. As Action OHD points out, one good way to ventilate your garage is by using an exhaust fan. You can purchase an exhaust fan you can install yourself, but make sure you get the right power fan for the size of your garage. Another option is to install a wall-mounted fan. This saves you valuable floor space in your garage and can move air around the entire garage.

Have it Inspected

Before you begin using your garage regularly, you should have it inspected. Garage inspections following a renovation can reveal whether the renovation caused any cracking of the floors or settling, which could be evidence of a bigger problem. The inspector can also make sure that there is fire separation between your home and garage. Inspections can also make sure that garage doors are properly installed and are working correctly. Properly working garage doors can prevent injuries. According to Ahlander Injury Law, garage doors lead to 30,000 injuries every year. 

Install Flexible Storage

Once you have completed your garage remodel, you should install storage. Flexible store containers and cabinets allow you to move them around or replace them as your storage needs change. More permanent storage solutions can be challenging to change later on. Overhead storage racks are a great option because they provide plenty of space to store different types of containers, boxes, and more. Flat wall storage systems are also a versatile option. Invest in high-quality storage that will last for years to come.

Turning your garage into the perfect space you need is a fulfilling project to complete. It is important to make sure you have reviewed and inspected the work to make sure your garage is safe and your project complete. Taking the time to do a thorough review will ensure that your hard work will result in having a renovated garage you are proud of.

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