Infestation Inspection

When Does an Infestation Problem Lead to Serious Damage?

Many homeowners strive to make sure that their houses are comfortable for them. However, pest infestations can arise and cause serious house damage and potential health issues. When does a pest problem change from a minor nuisance to a critical concern?


Rats will often keep themselves separate from human presence, but they will still infest a property. Consequently, homeowners may not be aware that rats are infecting their home until obvious damage is apparent. Rats can create physical damage and cause health issues for homeowners. Rats eat through a home’s foundation and walls, thereby making tunnels for other rats to travel. They gnaw on wood and plastic, leave holes in floorboards and stain walls and floors.

In addition to destroying a home with their incisors, rats can leave droppings and urine in the house, and these can cause household objects to slowly disintegrate and people to get sick. Rats can transmit diseases by contaminating household objects or food or by biting a person, and rat bites can become infected if untreated.


Termites can infest a house of any age. They can eat away at any wood in a house whether the wood is old or new from a recent home construction project. Keep in mind that it’s easy to miss termite damage until it’s severe. Termites feed on floors and walls and can cause a house’s foundation to be hollow, thus resulting in bulging floors. Although termites mainly feed on wood, they can also feed on plastic and metal, so be sure to inspect all areas of your home for any potential termite damage.


Although it used to be thought that inattention to personal hygiene or housecleaning caused bedbug infestations, it’s now known that bedbugs can live and travel in any environment if they have a food source that contains blood, such as humans. If a bedbug infestation goes unnoticed in your home, the bedbugs can cause health issues for you. The bedbugs can bite you and other members in your house and cause discomfort and itching. You may not be aware that there are bedbugs in your home due to their small size, so be sure to inspect your bed for any signs of an infestation.

Your home should be a sanctuary, and regularly inspecting your home is one step that you can take to help prevent an infestation and avoid property damage and health issues.

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