Why a DIY Inspection is No Replacement for a Professional 

There are many times when doing things on your own is a great choice. However, inspections are not one of those times. When you inspect your home, it’s best to hire a professional to achieve the best results. 

They Know What to Look For 

As a homeowner, you might have a passing knowledge of how to maintain and repair your home. This doesn’t mean you can identify every potential problem. Professional inspectors know exactly what they need to look for. They have been trained and are aware of common issues, building standards, and other necessary items to be addressed. During an inspection, they will likely look at your foundation, your plumbing, the electrical system, the HVAC, the home’s structure, and many finer details of both the interior and exterior. It’s best to trust them to look things over. 

They Have a Better Eye

Since professional inspectors know what they need to look for, they also know exactly how to spot specific kinds of damage. They have seen it more often and are aware of when you should be concerned. For example, water damage is a common issue that causes extensive and expensive damage. Often, water damage goes unnoticed for a long time, and by the time it’s discovered the issue is already too large. A home inspector can recognize the signs of rotting wood due to water damage. They know what the early signs are and they can point them out to you. 

They’re an Unbiased Party 

If you live in a home, you want to prioritize your needs. This includes saving both time and money. Repairs are expensive, inconvenient, and can take a long time. If you inspect the home yourself, you’re more likely to let things slide to avoid having to take care of difficult problems. A professional home inspector will come in with no ulterior motives and they will simply point out the problems and what needs to be fixed. Additionally, you may have become accustomed to certain problems to the point where you don’t notice them anymore. Your inspector can also point these out to you. 

Hiring a professional home inspector is your best option. They are more experienced and they will be more thorough as they review your home. With their help, you can know what your major concerns are and how to address them.

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