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Why You Should Hire an Inspector to Look Over Your Newly Constructed Home

Buying a home is part of the American dream, but this experience does involve some stressful moments. You want to make sure that your beautiful home doesn’t come with a lot of unexpected problems. Having an inspection done before purchasing can keep you from being stuck with structural or safety problems that require immediate repair. But your home is a new build, you say? There’s still plenty of reason to get a professional inspection done, even if you’re the first occupant of that house. Here are the top three reasons to look before you leap into that new build purchase.

It May Not Be Built to Code

It’s shocking, but the fact that a house was just built doesn’t necessarily mean it can pass a code inspection. Contractors can sometimes make mistakes that result in code violations. This can put you at risk of construction-related injuries like falling through a poorly built floor, electrocution, or half-installed fixtures falling on top of your family. Having your new build inspected before you finalize the deal can protect your family from these hazards. You’ll probably sleep much better after moving into a house that you know is up to code.

Code Violations Can Keep You from Selling Your Home

Your new home may be perfect for you today, but you may want to sell it one day. Before signing, a potential buyer will almost certainly want to have the house inspected. If an inspector discovers that your home has code violations, you’ll have work to do before you can sell. Having your new built home inspected before you even move in shows forethought and planning. That ounce of prevention may keep you from having to scramble to pay for costly structural repairs and can keep your selling plans on schedule.

Have the Inspector Look at Least Twice

A lot of structural or electrical violations are hidden behind drywall and under floorboards. Have an inspection completed while these components are still visible. This step could prevent you from having to pay for the costliest repairs yourself. After construction is finished, you should have another inspection to make sure the job was finished properly.

When inspections and repairs are done, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home’s construction is safe. You can then confidently prepare for the joys and chaos of moving day.