Struggling with selling a home

4 Issues That Can Make Sure Your Home Never Sells

Selling a home might not seem like the biggest challenge. You just need to advertise, find a good realtor, and negotiate on the price, right? However, your home’s salability could be affected by some major unwelcome surprises. These four issues are things that need to be addressed before your home has any chance of being sold for a decent price.

Sinking Foundation

Your home needs a good foundation to rest on, but, over time, a foundation can lose its integrity. When this happens, your home’s condition can deteriorate to the point that it’s practically uninhabitable. You could have trouble opening and closing doors, start to notice how unbalanced your floors have become, and even have your walls collapse. Any signs of foundation problems need to be handled by a certified foundation repairperson.

Weird Plumbing Noises

If you’ve heard a strange sound emanating from your pipes, you might be dealing with plumbing problems. Vibrating pipes in your home often occur when your pipes are loose or the water pressure is too high. You could end up with significant leaks and further problems caused by water damage. Call a plumber to take a look at your pipes as soon as possible. They may need to tighten them up or take measures to lower the water pressure.


Mold is like an infection in your house, and it can lead to health problems for your family. In a warm, humid environment, such as a basement, mold can start to spread and quickly take over. If heavy rains lead to water getting into your house, you need to dry things up right away to keep mold from forming and spreading. If mold has already taken hold, you should call a remediation service. Before you put your home on the market, have another inspection performed a few weeks after remediation to guarantee that mold is no longer an issue.


Termites feast on wood because it’s rich in cellulose. As they feed on your home, they can ruin its integrity by hollowing out the walls and ruining your floors. You can detect termites by keeping an eye out for scattered wings. Try knocking on your wall and listen closely to hear termites moving around inside the walls. Call an extermination service to inspect your home for termites and ultimately get rid of them.

Real estate is competitive enough without a home seller having to deal with faulty plumbing, infestations, or other domestic nightmares. Take action to fix these problems right away so that you can make your home as attractive as possible to buyers.

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