Sewer SCOPe in chicago

Sewer scope inspections are important because any problems with the main sewer line are the financial responsibility of the homeowner. If there are problems with the sewer line that routine sewer cleaning won’t solve, the repairs will be expensive.  There is also a lot of settling in the Chicagoland area and that opens up the sewer lines.  We purchase a SewerGard Policy for each of our clients.  Having this inspection performed prior to taking ownership guarantees full payout should a line collapse.  We are also happy to provide a cost to cure if problems are found.


No age of home is immune to sewer problems. While it’s unlikely, even new homes can have problems with the main building drain. As you might imagine, the potential for problems increases with the age of the home. If you’re buying a new home, you probably don’t need to spend your money on a sewer scan. If you’re buying a century-old home, it’s smart to have a sewer scan done. There is no clear dividing line between homes that should and shouldn’t have a sewer scan performed. The decision will ultimately come down to your tolerance for risk.

Every sewer scan gets included in the home inspection report and the video is available to be shared with anyone you deem appropriate.   The fee for a sewer scan is $325 if performed at the same time as the home inspection. Sewer inspections are scheduled online the same time the home inspection is scheduled.

The video clip above shows a real sewer inspection on a sewer that has some displacements and roots. This video clip is provided to our clients via a non-listed youtube link.  Average cost to cure for breaks can range from $3000.00 to $10,000.00 or more. Click here to see average costs.

Additional Sewer Videos

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