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Choosing us means partnering with a leader in commercial building inspections. Our service is comprehensive, providing all necessary inspections under one roof. With over 1700 five-star ratings across various platforms, our track record speaks to our commitment to quality and client satisfaction. Our team utilizes an extensive array of tools and has access to a broad network of contractors, setting us apart in the industry and ensuring thorough and reliable inspection results.

My name is Charlie Bellefontaine. 630-327-2700 is my cell phone.  I cannot promise that I will be available, but I will promise to return your call asap.  You can also text me.  I will not provide a quote over the phone and the quote form must be completed before we discuss any pricing.


Commercial Building Assessments

  • Property Condition Assessment
  • Triple Net Lease Assessment
  • Capital Reserve Forecast
  • Insurance: Loss Assessment
  • Insurance: Pre-Loss Assessment
  • Maintenance Strategy Program
  • Opinion of Cost Report

Commercial Building Inspections

  • Sewer Laterial Line Inspection
  • Combustion Analysis
  • Capital Reserve Study
  • Level II Chimney Scan
  • Maintenance Strategy Program
  • Opinion of Cost Report
  • Pool Inspection
  • Irrigation Systems

Buildings We Inspect and Assess

  • Office Building
  • Warehouse Building / Storage
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Retail / Shopping Centers
  • Daycares / Schools / Nursing Homes
  • Multi-Family Residential Buildings
  • Motels / Hotels
  • Churches / Religious Centers

Clients We Serve

  • Purchasers
  • Sellers
  • Commercial Realtors
  • Commercial Investors
  • Commercial Lenders
  • Building / Business Owners
  • Property Managers
  • Due Diligence Companies

Qualifications & Experience

When choosing a commercial inspector, choose a team that’s both experienced and educated. Without a professional inspection performed by a qualified commercial property inspector a buyer may be left with overlooked defects and potentially costly repairs.

  • Our inspectors hold certification with an accredited commercial inspection education and training program called CCPIA (Commercial Property Inspectors Association). CCPIA is the most reputable commercial inspection training program in the United States.

  • We also utilize the ASTM (Amercian Standard for Testing and Materials) Property Condition Assessment standard E-2018-15 to conduct a baseline assessment for all commercial properties we inspect.

Scope of Practice

The scope of practice, or scope of work, can vary from project to project and company to company. It is up to the client what elements of the commercial property will be inspected and to what extent. We do our best to deliver a customized inspection experience with every client.


We require that every commercial inspection client agree to and sign our inspection agreement. This is standard within both residential and commercial inspection services. Included in the agreement is the scope of practice, outline of the payment policy and guarantee of payment, limitations and liabilities, procedures for submitting claims, and more.


We use an intuitive report writing software called Spectora. This software allows for a client to view a report in multiple formats as well as easily share the report with contacts. Our reports include written detailed findings and explanations as well as professional image and video content. The report delivery varies from project to project.

Policies & Scope of Practice

Our approach to service delivery emphasizes adaptability to meet the diverse needs of our clientele. For example, certain buyers of multi-family properties prefer a focused inspection encompassing only the roof, exterior, structural components, and key mechanical systems. Conversely, other clients require a more detailed analysis, seeking thorough inspections that include a complete combustion analysis of furnaces across every unit to ascertain efficiency and safety. To support these varied demands, we maintain a comprehensive network of skilled contractors. This network is essential for providing accurate and detailed quotes for any necessary repairs or enhancements, ensuring clients have clear insights into potential costs and requirements. Consequently, the individualization of our inspection services, designed to accommodate the specific preferences and requirements of each client, naturally leads to a model where pricing is as unique as the service provided, eschewing a one-size-fits-all pricing strategy in favor of bespoke solutions that reflect the distinct needs of each engagement.

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