chimney scans

A chimney scan is important because because wood burning fires damage the fireplace without the homeowner even knowing there is an issue.  Cracks and gaps allow hot embers get into the structure and catch the house on fire.  The only way to know the condition of the flue is to videotape it.  Our unique system creates a 360 video of the flue so no section is left unseen.  

I am not aware of any chimney sweep who actually repairs damage to the clay tile.  The ones I know want to be safe and install a stainless steel liner.  A typical repair of a damaged flue liner is around $6,000. Openings in the flue can allow hot embers to get to the structure of the house and start a fire.

Sample videos are on this page.  Some in good shape, and some in not-so-good shape.


Chimney Fire

This home was inspected by me.  The sellers were present when the inspection was preformed.  They were kind and it was probably the nicest home I ever inspected.  Everything was in fantastic shape except the fireplace.  Openings were present in the firebox, the smoke chamber wasn’t parged, and the flue was damaged.  I informed my clients not to use this fireplace until it was made safe by a qualified chimney sweep.  The sellers didn’t accept my opinion about the fireplace.  They reluctantly contracted a chimney sweep to certify the fireplace and flue were in good condition on a Wednesday.  The Sunday prior, they had a family party and decided to make a fire in the fireplace.  Press the READ MORE button to see the results.  I cannot encourage enough to have this video created for all wood burning clay tiled flues.

Fire at a Townhouse

Additional Chimney Videos

Take a peek inside our Wonderworld. Yes this is sarcasm and my feeble attempt to be funny.