House making you sick


Yes, your house can make you sick. That may seem far fetched, but there are many factors that could lead to you feeling ill because of your home. There are things like carbon monoxide leaks or radon gases that can escape into your house. Or, it could be something as simple as too much dust or a little bit of mold. Whatever the cause, it’s important to know when your house is making you sick. Here are some ways you can tell.

Symptoms That Don’t Go Away

Have you ever had a consistent headache without a clear reason? How about a sore throat, runny nose, or congestion? Maybe you feel exhausted or even emotionally drained or anxious? Are you having unexplained stomach problems? Though all these symptoms could be an indication of other health issues, these can all point to your home making you ill. Some people have labeled this as “sick building syndrome”. One of the best ways to tell if your home is the issue is to spend some time outside and away from your home. If the symptoms go away after a while, it could mean that there are some environmental factors in your home taking a toll on your health.

Bad Smells

Your nose can warn you of danger, and bad smells and allergies can be a sign of mold in your home. It’s your nose warning you that something is not quite right. It’s the same with food that has gone bad—it starts to smell terrible. Think about what you smell in an old towel that has sat wet without being washed for too long. Think about the smell of a gas stove as it’s being lit. These are all warning signs. If you are smelling something that smells off in your home without a discernible cause, it is likely that there is something wrong. Follow your nose or look for common places where mold grows, such as in the bathroom.

Inconsistent Cleaning Routine

If you haven’t been cleaning your home consistently, this could indicate why you may be feeling off. Consistent cleaning helps you keep bacteria, mold, and dust at bay. If you are feeling sick, these are some of the most likely culprits. It’s almost impossible to keep a consistent cleaning routine when you are super busy. But by dividing up the tasks and doing some as you go along, you can manage a busy schedule and cleaning.

It’s hard to live in a house that is making you sick that is making you sick. It obviously drains you physically, but it also drains emotionally and mentally as well. Take some time to solve some of the problems in your house that could be making you sick. You’ll sleep better, work better, and simply feel better.

It’s always better to inspect your house for issues before they can become too severe. Schedule an inspection with us here!