What to Do About Damage Revealed in a Home Inspection

It’s home inspection time! You might be selling your home, purchasing a new home, or taking care of a routine inspection. Either way, you are crossing your fingers that everything comes out clean. Hopefully, that will be the case for you on this go-around. Of course, uncovering damage is far better than the alternative, where present damage isn’t discovered. When damage is addressed early it will likely be far easier and less expensive to address. Here’s what to do if your home inspection reveals damage.

Determine the Extent of the Damage

The extent of the damage will determine what needs to be done. Sometimes with minor damage, you can get away with simple repairs. However, extensive damage may require replacements or even complete renovations. Where the damage is found is also important. Cosmetic issues are far less impactful than structural or foundational issues. You might even be able to ignore cosmetic damage for the time being if you aren’t trying to sell your home. Serious issues, however, will need to be addressed.

Prioritize Repairs

Now that you know about the damaged areas in your home, it is time to decide how to proceed. Of course, your serious issues should take precedence over minor damages. This is especially true if you are selling your home, as you will be required to disclose any damages to your buyers. Furthermore, many buyers won’t make an offer on a home that needs serious work. If you can’t take care of your major repairs you will probably be limited in who you can sell your home to. You might have to look for a real estate investor such as a house flipper or home buying company. 

Get the Work Done Right

Unless you are trained, major home repairs should be left to the professionals. This is even more important if your repairs are related to plumbing or electrical work. Trying to save a few bucks by doing it yourself often leads to spending even more money in the end, when you further complicate things and have to bring a professional in to fix your mistakes. 

When damage is uncovered during a home inspection it may feel like a curse, but it is actually a huge blessing. Discovering damage now can save you from even worse problems down the road. That’s why regular home inspections are so important–most homeowners have no idea when there is a hidden issue wrecking serious havoc behind the scenes!
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