High Efficiency Combustion Air Intake

by Charles Bellefontaine • February 5, 2019

High efficiency furnaces can take combustion air from inside the house. Providing the room is large enough and the home is not hermetically sealed (or too tight). New construction home here in the Chicagoland area require blower door tests to ensure the home is air tight, but not too air tight. We have to have […]

Worst Humidifier Condition?

by Charles Bellefontaine • February 1, 2019

During a home inspection in Lincoln Square -Chicago we opened this humidifier and found the winner. Can anyone top this? Charles BellefontaineCharles is a home inspector and a home inspector trainer. He started as a professional home inspector in 1993. He works for Chicagoland Home Inspectors, Inc. and Bellman Group, Inc. He has earned the […]

What Home Inspectors Look For When They Inspect the Furnace.

by Charles Bellefontaine • January 27, 2019

When I started in this profession, every furnace was a natural draft furnace. We used mirrors and a flashlight to look for holes and cracks in the heat exchangers. Nowadays we cannot see inside the heat exchangers because of their designs. This is why we use the equipment that we use.