Summertime is a great time to do a lot of different types of maintenance, but sometimes your roof gets forgotten. Performing routine roof maintenance is actually essential to maintaining the overall condition of your home. This article will help you get started with assessing where your roof is at.


Checking your roof’s insulation is essential to ensure that your house maintains a cool temperature during the summer and a warm temperature during the winter. According to A+ Insulation, you can generally tell that you may have insulation problems if different rooms in your house have significantly different temperatures from each other.

Summer can be a good time to check on this because there are often less obstacles to performing the actual assessment. When the cold hits in winter months, you will feel much more uncomfortable than in summer months if your insulation is not doing its job.

Addressing Water Damage

Summer is also the perfect time to check for any water damage in your roof. Be sure to check your roof’s shingles for any cracks or holes. In addition, it’s also important to check the gutters and drains for any problems.  When water, sleet, and snow build up in your drains, the overflow can damage the roof and exterior walls.

There are many companies that can do a comprehensive overlook of your roof for you. In fact, according to I-57 Residential Roofing, many roofing companies often offer warranties that help protect a homeowner in the event of repairs going wrong or not working as they should.

Check the Structural Integrity

Besides checking on individual aspects of your roof, it is also important to ensure that your roof’s overall structure is sound. There are a variety of different factors that determine if your roof is in good overall condition. Look for any parts of your roof that appear to sag in any way—these incidents could indicate that parts of your roof have been weakened due to water or snow damage.

According to Pie Consulting & Engineering, there are a variety of other things that could weaken your roof’s overall structure such as water damage, changes to plumbing, and house renovations that have weakened key structural trusses. Considering all of these factors is important in assessing the health of your roof.

Summer is a perfect time to give your roof some TLC. This article has enumerated a few specific things you can inspect to ensure your roof is in a good state. But be sure to consult with specialists to ensure that you address your roof’s particular needs.

It’s important to inspect your house every so often so you can take care of any problems promptly. Make an appointment for a home inspection with us today!