Wall Units Have Filter Too.

Wall heating and cooling units are part of the Illinois (and most other) Standards of Practice. That means that these have to be inspected. Most of these units are fairly easy to inspect. Turn on the heat and see if warm air comes out. Do the same for the cooling (air conditioner). Since air is flowing over the coils, keeping the filter and coils clean is important for proper heat transfer. I am guessing that the people who lived in this home didn’t know there was a filter in this unit. They all have filters. When I pulled this out to inspect it, flakes of dirt fell off of the filter. My client got a “what-the-heck” look on his face. The cure is simple, clean the filter and the wall unit. Buying a home is an emotional ordeal. Taking the time to prep your home is vital and a quality real estate agent should help you prepare your home for the inspection process. Think about hiring us to inspect your home prior to listing. We can help make things go smoothly.