Water Damage Threat For Home


One of the biggest tasks involved in homeownership is preventing water damage to the property. If left unchecked, water can inflict extensive and even life-threatening havoc on your home. Water damage has the potential to cost you and your family significantly, both financially and with your health. In addition to being very dangerous, water damage is often tricky to spot and goes unnoticed for extended periods of time, sometimes years, before the threat is discovered. In those cases, repairing the damage can be nearly impossible without a complete renovation. Here is a brief rundown of how water poses such a significant threat to your home and safety as well as the particular dangers you might encounter if water has already crept in.

It Destroys Everything

Water is the element associated with change in the zodiac calendar, and, indeed, it causes rapid change. Water can erode rock much faster than wind or any other natural phenomenon, and it can consume your house as well if you don’t stop it. Bacteria, other pathogens, pests, mold, and decay thrive in moist environments, so unwanted water in your house is a breeding ground for danger. If it is left alone for too long, you might find yourself with a house that is completely eroded before you know it.

Health Hazards

The risks posed by major flooding are obvious, but even that small puddle after your shower could be very dangerous. Over time, mold and other serious health threats can grow in areas of the home where moisture is rampant, such as in the shower, under the sink or even between walls. Black mold is especially deadly, killing thousands each year. It is odorless, and patients with lung issues or other cardiovascular conditions may also find breathing difficult in a wet environment, like a water-damaged home.

Financial Burden

In addition to posing a major health risk, water damage can also constitute an enormous financial burden, diminishing the value of your home and endangering the prospects of a good deal whenever you decide to sell. The cost of repairing extensive water damage, such as total wall reconstruction, could end up costing many thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, with the proper preventive care, most water damage can be prevented and you can breathe easy knowing that your family and property are safe from the always-looming threat of water damage. If you suspect your home may be damaged already, a licensed inspector can put the issue to rest once and for all and recommend a corrective course of action if they find damage.

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