Plumbing Problems inside your home


There’s no doubt about it; bringing in a plumber every single time you suspect something is wrong with your plumbing can be rather expensive. However, it is also understandable not to know what signs to look for; after all, you don’t exactly look at your pipes each day. Therefore, the following list includes some of the best ways to diagnose your plumbing problems within your home.

Use Your Ears

Perhaps the easiest way to determine if something is off with your pipes is to simply listen with your ears. So, what are some strange sounds you should listen for within your pipes? A common sound that can tell you something is off is the sound of knocking. If you are hearing knocking sounds, you may be dealing with a water pressure issue. Too high of pressure can damage your water pipes to the point they can break. Now, if you are hearing rattling sounds, you may be experiencing both high pressure and loose bends within the system.

Check the Water Itself

Oftentimes, the very first thing that people will notice in terms of issues with their piping is the condition of their water. Water that comes out of the faucet should be clear and only give a slight chemical smell (due to chlorine used by cities). Things that should be absolutely checked is if the water is dark, smells terrible, or has floating rust in it. There are a few reasons your water can look cloudy, and they may not be a sign of a problem. Cloudy water is often formed simply because there are air bubbles within the pipes. The water is perfectly fine to drink when this occurs.

Check Your Water Bill

If you are noticing that your water bill keeps rising even when you know that you’re not using a lot of water, you may have a leaking pipe issue. First, check around your visible pipes to see if they are the ones leaking. If you do find a leak, you can easily tighten it up. However, if you do not, the problem may lay within the underground pipes. In this case, it is highly recommended to seek professional aid from a plumber.

The reality of owning your own home is that at one point or another, you will face some type of plumbing issue. Catching issues before they become bigger more expensive problems is key to maintaining a functional home.

If you suspect there is a serious sewer problem, then a sewer scope might be the best way to find out!