Protecting your home


Homes are subject to wear and tear in any area you live, but if you live in a humid area, the damage can be especially bad. Looking at repairs can be expensive. So how do you prevent the damage? Luckily, there are several ways that you protect your home from damage in a humid area.

Maintain Your Roof and Gutters

One step you can take to prevent damage to your home’s exterior is to maintain the roof and gutters. Gutters can get clogged and the excess water can spill over, causing damage to the siding of your home and ruining your landscape. It’s also important to maintain your roof. Look for loose shingles as that can be where leaks enter in. Also be aware of moss as this can damage your roof if left unchecked. Exterior damage on the roof can cause interior damage to your home.

Fix Driveway and Pavement Cracks

Cracks in the cement can be another source of damage if you live in a humid area. Sealing the cracks up is the best way to protect them from water leaking in. If too much water gets through to the soil, it can become saturated and can lead to further problems down the road, and much more expensive repairs. If you have an asphalt driveway, sealcoating can protect it from water damage. It is much easier to fix cracks by sealing them and preventing water damage than to completely repave the entirety of your driveway or sidewalk.

Check Siding

Even if you unclog and remove debris from your gutters, you may already have damage on the siding of your house. While siding is meant to protect your house from the elements, it does not last forever. Look for cracked or peeling paint as well as rusted nails, which could be an indication of water damage. Mold and fungus are an additional warning sign that you may have water damage as they only grow in moist environments. Replacing siding may be a necessary purchase if your home has extensive water damage. It is especially important to check siding as it safeguards the interior of your house.

Your humid neighborhood can create lush greenery and beautiful scenery, but the humidity can also cause damage to your home if your house is not properly safeguarded against the elements. By taking the necessary precautions, you can avoid expensive repairs from water damage and not have to worry about potential damage to your home.

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