Why Inspections Are Necessary for a Home Sale

Before you sell your home, you typically have it inspected. A professional will come in and take note of the conditions of your home. 

Based on their inspection, a report will be provided, which should be shared honestly with both the potential buyer and the seller. There is a lot of value for both buyers and sellers in completing a home inspection.

Help You Value Your Home

When you have an official written report of the conditions of your home, you better know what the true value of your home is. With this information, you can have a more accurate asking price and provide potential buyers with reasoning if they ask why that is your price. 

You can also better determine whether or not a potential buyer is trying to lowball you when you know what the value of your home should be.

Give the Buyer Information

In addition to providing you with helpful information, an inspection also provides valuable information for potential buyers. Before having an inspection completed on your home, you can enter an inspection contingency with your potential buyer. Inspection contingencies let the buyer back out if something comes up during the inspection. 

There may be things that are uncovered through an inspection that a potential buyer can’t afford to pay for on their own or can’t deal with. Having an inspection contingency respects both of your boundaries and helps you move on to other potential buyers quickly if needed.

Identify Unsafe Conditions

One of the most important reasons that home inspections are completed is to identify unsafe conditions in the home like carbon monoxide or black mold. Some of these safety hazards are hard to identify on your own but can easily be caught by a professional inspector. Making these unsafe conditions known upfront can help you avoid any legal issues that could arise from not being transparent with potential buyers. Also, being transparent can help you build trust with potential buyers. 

It is easiest to negotiate and work with buyers who are on the same page as you. Having an unbiased, third party like a professional home inspector come in to evaluate your home helps you and potential buyers get to that point. After completing an inspection, you will be able to find and identify buyers whose needs and desires fit best with your needs and desires.

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