Hidden Dangers in Your Home Heating System

by Charles Bellefontaine • November 27, 2019

When ‘Old Man Winter’ rolls in, he brings frigid temperatures and the need to dust the cobwebs out of the heating system. The risk of house fires dramatically increases during this time of year. The cause is the use of the furnace, space heaters, and the fireplace. What can you do to protect your home […]

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3 Telltale Signs of Electrical Problems in Your Home

by Charles Bellefontaine • August 13, 2019

Is your home experiencing electrical issues? Do you know what to look for? Most people are aware that things like frayed wires and flickering lights are a clear warning sign that the electrical system needs attention from a professional. But what are some of the other, less obvious symptoms of potential problems? Here are four […]

Are You Caring for the Wood in Your Home Properly?

by Charles Bellefontaine • June 25, 2019

If you decorate with wood in your home, you probably love how natural it is. Wood is long-lasting, classic, and beautiful, whether it’s a shiplap wall in your living room or a reclaimed wood table in your dining room. This versatile material is a common and popular choice for many purposes in the home. However, […]

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Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) Panels

by Charles Bellefontaine • February 23, 2019

Illinois state law standards of practice Section 1410.200  Standards of Practice Section K, Paragraph 1 states the following: Inspect the service drop; service entrance conductors, cables and raceways; service equipment and main disconnects; service grounding; interior components of service panels and subpanels; conductors; overcurrent protection devices; a representative number of installed lighting fixtures, switches and […]